Top Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2024

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2024

Top Crypto Marketing Agencies for 2024, Achieving rapid growth for your crypto project starts discovering the top crypto marketing agencies. Just like any other product or service, your crypto product needs the right promotion to capture the attention of a specific audience, attract investors, and generate revenue.

The only problem? Not every marketing agency excels at crypto marketingAs experts in crypto, NFT, and Web3 marketing ourselves, we at Crowdcreate know just how nuanced this space can be.

For instance, crypto marketing requires the use of different platforms and channels to engage your audience, from Discord and Reddit to specific crypto-focused community forums.

Plus, there are various specific rules and guidelines governing how you can promote your cryptocurrency and remain compliant with industry laws. To get the right results, you need a marketing agency with genuine experience supporting crypto clients.

Worried? Don’t be. We’ve used our own experience in the crypto industry to pinpoint the top crypto marketing agencies you should consider working with in 2024.

There are plenty of marketing agencies out there offering “crypto marketing services.”. Search for crypto marketing agency on Google, and you get around 16,700,000 results.

Of course, not all of those results will actually take you to an agency’s website – but you get the picture. To help you make the right choice, we’ve focused on a few key things. Here’s how we’ve distributed our scores for the top agencies:

  • Crypto & Web3 specific experience working with crypto companies (based on reviews, case studies, testimonials, and success stories.): Weight: 30%
  • Crypto-focused services (Such as KOL & influencer marketing, paid ads, NFT consulting, social media marketing on X/Twitter & Discord, exchange & launchpad listing, etc.): Weight: 30%
  • Client satisfaction rates (based on reviews and feedback.) Weight: 20%
  • Success rates from marketing campaigns (based on SEMRush and Ahrefs analysis, and insights from customer stories.): Weight: 20%
  • IMPORTANT – Connections to the most respected investors/influencers in the crypto industry.

With that insight out of the way, let’s dive in.

Crowdcreate: Top Crypto Marketing Agency

Ecommerce Influencer Marketing Agencies

Notable clients: Bitmex, KuCoin, Origin Protocol, Iskra, The Sandbox, Valora, Renault, Venom, Apex.

You probably won’t be surprised to see us listing ourselves first on this list – but before you write this off as shameless self-promotion, let’s cover why we think we’re the top crypto marketing agency in this industry.

  • We’ve raised more than $250 million for crypto projects.
  • We’ve completed over 600+ successful projects to date.
  • We’re ranked as the best growth agency by Forbes.
  • We’re also ranked as the best marketing agency by CoinBureau (a crypto company)
  • We have one of the biggest crypto-focused influencer network around.
  • We’re LP investors and connected to some of the largest crypto VC firms in the world
  • We have dozens of success stories from crypto companies. (See them here)

We’re even recommended by ChatGPT

While we don’t focus exclusively on crypto marketing here at Crowdcreate, it is one of our specialist areas. We built a name for ourselves as innovators in the world of NFT, crypto and blockchain marketing, before those concepts even hit the mainstream.

We’re also a full-service marketing agency, which means we can help you with everything from SEO (with help from leading AI tools) to social media marketing.

Crypto Marketing Services

  • Crypto marketing strategy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media management
  • Crypto video marketing
  • Crowdfunding
  • Public Relations
  • Digital advertising
  • Crypto outreach
  • Investor marketing
  • Email marketing
  • AI marketing
  • Search engine optimization

If you want more insights into what we can offer our crypto customers, reach out to our team for a strategic discussion with one of the world’s top crypto marketing agencies.


  • Extensive background in crypto marketing and NFTs
  • Incredible crypto influencer network
  • Hundreds of successful projects
  • Access to the latest AI-powered technology
  • End-to-end holistic services


  • We’re a little smaller than some competitors


Notable clients: Etoro, Immutable, Nexo, Tron, Consensys.

Coinbound is another of the top crypto marketing agencies that’s currently focusing heavily on web3 and the future of tech. The company partners with innovative companies on influencer campaigns, community management and development, public relations, and more.

Earning various awards for their crypto marketing efforts, Coinbound definitely has the expertise you need to thrive in the crypto landscape. You can see from their videos, podcasts, and blog posts, that they know their way around the crypto market.

They also have dozens of great case studies and customer stories to share with new clients, which we think is a huge bonus.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Earned media and PR
  • SEO
  • Crypto link building
  • PPC and paid ads
  • Crypto influencer marketing
  • Community and social media marketing
  • Content creation
  • Media planning and buying
  • Fractional CMO services
  • Crypto sales management

They also offer “executive ghost writing” services.


  • Great in-depth knowledge of crypto marketing
  • Lots of useful success stories
  • Excellent network of influencers and publications
  • Fractional CMO support
  • Good community management services


  • Limited step-by-step support for beginners
  • Content quality can vary

Omni Agency

Notable clients: Viacombs, NetEngage, Converse, Flipsies, Raiinmaker

Like us, Omni is a multi-functional marketing company, that offers services for a wide range of clients, including those in the NFT and cryptocurrency spaces. The company has earned the trust of some of the world’s biggest brands, including Paramount and Nickelodeon.

Omni has even helped major play-to-earn games skyrocket in growth in recent years. For instance, they helped WAGMI games raise more than $300,000 in NFT sales, and boost their market cap for their tokens by $30 million.

Notably, while we were impressed by the results shared in Omni’s case studies, we struggled to find a lot of information on their website about how they actually tailor their services to crypto brands.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Creative development
  • Design and animation
  • Branding and identity management
  • Strategy planning
  • UI/UX design
  • Paid ad campaigns
  • Influencer marketing
  • Guerilla marketing

You’ll notice most of Omni’s services aren’t specifically tailored to crypto companies, but the company does take a personalized approach to working with each client. This ensures every strategy is built according to the customer’s unique needs.


  • Highly personalized approach to delivering services
  • Excellent customer stories and testimonials
  • Access to a range of powerful tools
  • Good client-vendor communications
  • Great reputation among bigger brands


  • Limited insights into crypto-focused strategies
  • Strategy proposals can be generic


Notable clients: Lisk, Affyn, MicroBuddies,, Rebus Chain

If you’re based in the UK and looking for a local vendor, NinjaPromo might be one of the top crypto marketing agencies for you. The company offers a huge selection of services, to companies all around the world, working on everything from website development, to branding and lead generation.

Although NinjaPromo doesn’t focus exclusively on crypto brands, crypto is a major focus area for the company. In fact, they’ve been mentioned by a lot of top publications for their work on crypto projects.

What we really like most about this company is how it helps teach its clients about the intricacies of crypto marketing. They don’t just create and implement a plan for you, they offer comprehensive, step-by-step guidance. You don’t get that everywhere.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Community management on discord and telegram
  • Video production and marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile and app development
  • Blockchain development
  • Search engine optimization
  • Exchange and investor relations
  • PR Strategy
  • Social ads and PPC

NinjaPromo also offers some great branding services to its customers, if you need help really making your crypto project stand out.


  • Extensive experience in blockchain and crypto
  • Great balance of technical proficiency and creativity
  • Expert articles and educational resources
  • Downloadable blueprints and tools
  • Strong global presence


  • Some services can take a while to deliver results
  • Fewer influencers than some competitors


Notable clients: CoinGekco, Forklog, CoinMarketCap, Floki

ICODA is another of our top crypto marketing agencies for a few reasons. First, they offer a lot of services specifically tailored to the crypto industry. That means you’re not just getting standard SEO or social marketing strategies, you’re getting crypto-specific solutions.

They also provide their customers with a huge range of resources directly on their website, including lists of launchpads and VCS to check out, press publications, and TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter channels. This gives us the sense that the company really does put its customers first.

ICODA has been featured by a host of crypto-focused publications, and offers comprehensive digital marketing services for all kinds of growing companies.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Crypto marketing strategy
  • DEFI and NFT promotion
  • Crypto PR
  • Crypto SEO
  • Online reputation marketing
  • Blockchain development
  • Content production
  • Influencer marketing
  • P2E marketing

ICODA is also one of the few crypto marketing agencies that can create smart contracts and blockchains for you, as well as crypto websites.


  • Extensive expertise in crypto and web3
  • Dedicated crypto marketing team
  • Excellent range of multi-lingual solutions
  • Great content and branding services
  • Unique skills in blockchain


  • Expensive pricing for beginners
  • Fewer case studies than some alternatives


Notable clients:, eToro, Binance, DefiCoin, PrimeBit

Definitely one of the more focused crypto marketing agencies we’ve come across, CryptoPR concentrates almost exclusively on Web3, crypto, and blockchain projects. They have an excellent network of publications they’re connected to, including Coindesk and CoinTelegraph.

They also have a pretty significant global presence, with agents serving customers all over the world. We were definitely impressed by all of the reviews and social proof they share on their homepage.

One thing we did notice, however, is that Crypto PR don’t transparently share a lot of information about their crypto-focused services. Their services page only offers some vague insights into their ability to build reputations and generate leads. However, when we dove a little deeper, we did discover they were capable of offering a lot of high-quality services.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Press releases
  • NFT promotion
  • Advertorials and features
  • Content creation
  • ICO and crypto marketing
  • International campaigns
  • Banner ad campaigns
  • Media outreach

If you want to learn more about what Crypto PR can do, we recommend contacting them directly.


  • Speedy results for most businesses
  • Excellent publication network
  • Fantastic range of professional journalists
  • Good reputation with existing customers
  • Great content production


  • Limited services
  • Not the most transparent website

Cryptoken Media

Notable clients: Nexo, Apeswap, Binance,, BTCMEX

Cryptoken Media is a slightly lesser known option on our list of the top crypto marketing agencies, but we think it has a lot of potential. The full-service marketing agency offers a wide range of services connected to SEO, influencer, content marketing, and email, to ensure you can connect with as many potential customers as possible.

They also partner with a huge range of companies, including crypto publications and major SEO brands, to help drive great results.

While the case studies on the company’s website aren’t particularly detailed, there are a lot of them, linked to very impressive crypto names. Plus, the company promises great pricing for its services, so it could be a good option for budget-conscious brands.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Digital PR and Outreach
  • Email marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social media marketing
  • Mobile advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Video advertising
  • Native advertising
  • Programmatic advertising

Unfortunately, Cryptoken doesn’t offer influencer marketing, which we think is a huge downside, particularly considering the results we’ve seen from our own crypto influencer marketing efforts.


  • Good ROI for most customers
  • Customized and personalized services
  • Wide coverage of a range of marketing strategies
  • Excellent reputation with existing brands
  • Straightforward communication


  • No influencer marketing
  • Limited evidence of highly-focused crypto campaigns

Arcadia Marketing

Notable clients: Limewire, Helix, WebThree, Laliga, Shrapnel

Just like the team here at Crowdcreate, Arcadia’s marketing experts are focused on the growing landscape of Web3 technology. They’ve raised more than $111 million in funding for their clients, and offer a huge range of services, including strategic advisory services, and Discord community management.

Though they’re not as big as some of the other top crypto marketing agencies on this list, Arcadia is making waves with a huge range of valuable industry connections, and a strong approach to public relations. We were particularly impressed by their list of investors and backers.

Although we did notice the company doesn’t share any full case studies or success stories on its website, so you might have to reach out to learn more about their previous projects.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Community building and management
  • Crypto and Web3 strategy
  • Copywriting and content production
  • Social media marketing management
  • Influencer marketing
  • PR and outreach
  • Full-time consulting
  • Audience identification

Arcadia are also very well-versed in supporting crypto gaming companies with the development of brand awareness and recognition campaigns.


  • Excellent selection of investors and backers
  • Strong reputation in crypto marketing
  • Customizable approach to marketing campaigns
  • Decent network of influencers and publications
  • Great community management services


  • Limited insights from full case studies
  • Hyper focused on Twitter (rather than other social platforms)


Notable clients: Metaclash, Opal BTC, Dark Machine, Forge

Conduct3, or C3 is a relatively new company in the crypto marketing world, concentrating on campaigns for Web3 and blockchain companies. Although the company’s website is a little bare right now, our research revealed that the company has achieved some excellent results for its crypto clients in the past, including major brands like Forge.

The company takes a highly focused approach to building crypto marketing strategies, focusing on the core areas of growth planning projects, social media marketing, and consulting.

As you can see from their Twitter profile, they also commit to building long-term relationships with clients, promoting them consistently as they introduce new campaigns and initiatives.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Content creation
  • Social media management
  • Brand development
  • PR and outreach
  • Consulting and crypto advisory
  • Investor outreach

Notably, Conduct3 doesn’t offer quite as many services as some top crypto marketing agencies. There’s no specific service for SEO, for instance, or influencer marketing.


  • Excellent client relationships
  • Great social media marketing
  • Extensive support and guidance for clients
  • Strong knowledge of the crypto industry
  • Good collection of clients


  • Limited marketing services
  • No case studies on the website


Notable clients: Roblox, 7-11, Red Bull, Salesforce

Created by Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the biggest names in the marketing thought leadership space, Vayner3 is a company committed to helping Web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency companies grow. Like the team at Crowdcreate, the company harnesses the power of immersive experiences, the blockchain, and AI to create a powerful presence for their clients.

Vayner3 partners with leading brands to help shape the next era of the internet, and works with some of the biggest organizations in the world, including L’Oreal, and Unilever.

One thing we love about Vayner3 is how well the team draws attention to their knowledge of the crypto landscape. The company’s website even has a blog sharing authentic and unique insights on the latest updates to the Web3 world.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • SEO and content marketing
  • PR and outreach
  • Influencer marketing
  • AI-powered marketing
  • Strategy development
  • Bespoke learning strategies
  • Launch program development
  • Experiential program creation

The great thing about Vayner3 is how they adapt their services to suit your specific needs, sourcing the experts required to give you the best results.


  • Exceptional knowledge of the cryptocurrency space
  • Excellent reputation with major brands
  • Learning and development resources
  • AI-powered technology
  • Customizable services


  • Pricing can be quite expensive
  • Limited insights into services on the website

Lunar Strategy

Notable clients: Rebus Chain, Robu Inu, Kounotori, Mudrex.

Defining themselves as a “Web3 native” marketing agency, Lunar Strategy has served more than 150 Web3 clients, with a relatively small team of around 15 employees. The company promises a full-service marketing solution, with everything from influencer marketing campaigns, to paid ad development and public relations.

We were impressed by the number of high-quality reviews the brand showcases on its website, from genuine people, like the CEO of Helio, and representatives from Coinzilla.

Lunar Strategy seems to have a strong knowledge of the crypto world too, with plenty of employees who have a strong background in everything from blockchain to NFT development.

Crypto Marketing Services:

  • Crypto influencer marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Public relations and outreach
  • Community management
  • Social media management

Notably, we couldn’t find any reference to SEO marketing campaigns or content creation on the company’s website, however, the brand’s case studies do indicate they can offer some content support.


  • Excellent reviews and testimonials
  • Strong knowledge of the crypto industry
  • Great community management services
  • Plenty of great case studies on the website
  • Effective blog (shows thought leadership)


  • Limitations on service scope
  • Relatively small team

How to Choose from the Top Crypto Marketing Agencies

We’ve listed some of the top crypto marketing agencies based on our own assessments, but you might still be struggling to figure out which option is right for you. Ultimately, we recommend taking a few key factors into account when making your decision:

  • Your project scope: What does your project entail, and which crucial skills will you need? Are you looking for crypto affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, AI-driven SEO, or support getting your product in front of investors?
  • Experience: We ranked actual experience with crypto projects extremely high when deciding on our top picks for this list. Your chosen vendor should have a deep knowledge of the crypto and web3 landscapes, and understand your project perfectly.
  • Reputation: Ensure your chosen agency has a fantastic track record for success. Check out reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Ask them whether they can guide you towards any specific customer success stories if you’re having trouble.
  • Network: A network of crypto-focused influencers, and connections with crypto publications is extremely valuable in this landscape. Look for a company that works with the top leaders from throughout the industry to drive the best results.
  • Transparency: The right crypto marketing agency should be transparent in their communications with you and provide plenty of evidence into their results. Avoid anyone who gives you unrealistic promises or doesn’t communicate regularly.

Our Final Thoughts

Working with the top crypto marketing agencies is crucial to ensuring you can drive traffic, customers, and attention to your project. While there are plenty of crypto marketing agencies out there to choose from, not all of them will deliver the same results.

If you want guaranteed expertise, innovation, and support from one of the world’s leading crypto marketing companies, reach out to Crowdcreate.

We’ll talk through your specific needs with you, and create a comprehensive strategy for attracting investors, customers, and opportunities for growth.

Get started here.


What does a crypto marketing agency do?

Crypto marketing agencies deliver specialized marketing services designed to meet the needs of cryptocurrency and blockchain products. They create and execute marketing campaigns, connect you with influencers and publications, and help build your crypto community, all while ensuring you stay compliant with industry standards.

Why hire a crypto marketing agency?

Hiring a marketing agency with specific expertise in the cryptocurrency landscape is crucial. It gives you access to creativity and expertise that will help to elevate your project and revenue, and unlock new opportunities. Plus, their regulatory compliance knowledge, and niche focus ensures you’ll get results that are tailored to your brand.

What do crypto marketing agencies charge?

The price you pay for your crypto marketing agency can vary drastically. There’s no standard price throughout the industry although fee’s can range from $3,000 USD per month to $30,000 USD per month, not including ad and media budget. Fees will depend on the scope of your project, the type of marketing campaigns you’re influencing, and how long your crypto marketing project will take. You can discuss your needs with Crowdcreate for a quote if you want more insights.


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