How Texas Healthcare Stacks Up

How Texas Healthcare Stacks Up

How Texas Healthcare Stacks Up, Americans are struggling to access affordable and comprehensive health insurance. Inadequate coverage leads to serious implications — delayed or forgone care, significant medical debt, and worsening health problems. Without comprehensive health insurance, many Americans find it difficult to prioritize health and wellness – and Texans seem to be disproportionately affected.

Let’s discuss how current traditional health insurance Texas employers are offering negatively impacts the Texas workforce and what employers can do to improve the wellbeing of their talent.

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Texans are priced out of accessible health insurance but seeking an affordable, engaging, and simple solution

In 2023, Curative, in partnership with the Health Analytics & Insights Group, surveyed individuals with employer-based insurance plans across the four largest cities in Texas as well as nationally. The survey assessed how current cost-sharing arrangements impact employee utilization, overall health, and well-being and identified the primary barriers to accessing necessary care and treatment.

Survey Results

Affordability. 64% of Texans vs. 55% of Americans have had to find alternative ways to pay for healthcare, including:

  • 27% of Texans vs. 19% of Americans used money from savings to pay for healthcare services not covered by health insurance.
  • 26% of Texans vs. 16% of Americans increased their credit card debt to pay for healthcare services not covered by health insurance.
  • 22% of Texans vs. 17% of Americans cut back on necessities like food, clothing, or basic household items to pay for healthcare services not covered by health insurance.

Engagement. Comprehensive health insurance promotes engagement in one’s health and wellness journey. Due to cost and other accessibility factors, Texans are not able to engage in their healthcare:

  • 57% of Texans vs. 50% nationally delayed or deferred care.
  • 1 in 4 (26%) Americans skip preventative health services; in Texas, it’s closer to 1 in 3 (29%).
  • 34% of Texans vs 31% of Americans say they have to jump through hoops to get the care they need.
  • 47% of Texans vs. 40% nationally had to miss work to attend to health issues.
  • 37% of Texans vs. 40% nationally spent 2 or more hours with their insurance provider on administrative tasks over the past three months.

Simplicity. Accessing healthcare shouldn’t be difficult, but many procedures and systems lead to confusion. Health insurance Texas residents currently have present many efficiency and ease-of-use concerns:

  • 21% of Texans vs. 16% nationally did not get diagnostic tests recommended by their doctors due to concerns about OOP costs.
  • 34% of Texans vs. 29% of Americans don’t understand which doctors and hospitals fall within their in-network providers.
  • 39% of Texans vs. 33% of Americans have trouble navigating their insurance coverage.

It comes as no surprise that the health insurance Texas residents need is not accessible to them:

  • Only 77% of Texans vs. 81% nationally go to a primary care physician’s office for routine care.
  • 21% of Texans vs. 18% nationally have difficulty securing an appointment with a PCP.
  • 39% of Texans vs. 31% nationally report anxiety around financially meeting their healthcare obligations.

Texans deserve better comprehensive health insurance plans. Luckily, employers have an opportunity to fix it by providing health insurance Texas residents need.

The cost of inaccessible healthcare to Texas employers

The lack of comprehensive health insurance plans in Texas isn’t just affecting the workforce. It impacts employers, too.

Workers’ inability to access healthcare leads to increased worker absenteeism. In January 2022, about 7.8 million employed people missed work due to illness, injury, medical problems, or recurring medical appointments. In the same month, about 4.2 million of the 129.7 million workers who usually worked full time, or 3.3 percent, worked part-time because of an illness, injury, or medical problem or appointment. This is the second-highest percentage since data were first collected in June 1976. The highest percentage was in January 1978, at 3.4 percent.

Indirect absenteeism costs can affect businesses’ bottom line in ways less apparent than rate increases. Productivity losses linked to absenteeism and presenteeism from chronic illnesses and injuries cost U.S. employers $2,945 per employee per year. That number includes sick days, short-term disability, long-term disability, and impaired job performance.

Presenteeism is also an issue – employees who are in poor health are more likely to need time off work. Employees who suffer from illness might work when they’re unwell, a situation known as “presenteeism” that impairs job performance. Working while sick can delay an employee’s recovery time and increase their risk of future health problems, leading to increased absences.


Young female doctor examining a small girl in her office.

Current insurance brings high costs for employers, minimal benefits for employees

In Texas, the workforce needs more access to comprehensive health insurance. Since there is a lack of quality and affordable health insurance, there is low engagement with healthcare services – so employers are paying a high price for unused benefits. Employers and employees are paying for underutilized healthcare coverage that still costs both parties financially and in other ways.

Employers should seek healthcare coverage that is more affordable, easy to understand, and simple to use. This will lead to increased employee engagement, better health outcomes, and a more effective workforce. It’s time for a change in healthcare for people, companies, and health insurance brokers. That’s where Curative comes in.

Curative: The game-changing comprehensive health insurance Texas residents need

Curative offers innovative, employer-sponsored comprehensive health insurance. Our plan is transparent in pricing, benefits, and wellness incentives. That means we’re not only honest about our health plan, but we’re also frank about the state of the health insurance industry and how we’d like to change it.

Our approach to insurance prioritizes providing patients with access to healthcare. With Curative, patients can focus on care, not cost. Our health plan delivers better health through affordability, engagement, and simplicity.

Access to $0 care: Finding in-network services — such as therapy — can take a lot of time, especially without help. We’ll help your talent find in-network services at zero cost to them, so they can take one more thing off their plate.

No-hassle meds: Access to medication is a huge part of comprehensive healthcare. Members have access to rapid medication delivery through the Curative Pharmacy. We can also help find an in-network pharmacy along with guidance on transferring and filling prescriptions. We’ll help ensure their medication is working properly and can offer guidance if they have questions about side effects or usage. No-hassle meds means your talent can focus on being their best self, both in and outside the workplace.

Support on your time: Our care team will help your talent stay on track with their care through one-on-one check-ins. We work around the work schedule and can provide support as frequently or as seldom as needed, so they can engage in their wellness while also being present in the workplace.

Virtual therapy with Teladoc: Today, many people are always on the go. That’s why it’s so important to give your talent the opportunity to utilize virtual care. Texas employees can tap into remote therapy through our partnership with Teladoc. It’s hassle-free to schedule appointments and get connected to a therapist within a week.

Emergencies: If you find yourself in a critical situation or experiencing a mental health crisis, call 988 for immediate support.

For more information on health insurance, Texas comprehensive care resources, and how Curative can help you cultivate better employee mental health in your organization, visit our members page.

Every Curative member can qualify for the $0 deductible or copay for in-network care and preferred prescriptions. Just complete a Baseline Visit in your first 120 days of the plan’s effective date. See to learn more. Curative Insurance Company PPO. *Patients experiencing a medical emergency or who have concerns about their medical situation should call 911 (or the local emergency number) immediately.


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